The 30 Day SciFi Drawing Challenge

‘So the rules are simple, publish your drawing of the theme for the day every day for thirty days. It has to be science fiction related but you can then interpret the themes as you see fit.’

Join us! The 30 Day SciFi Drawing Challenge

  1. Create an original science fiction character.

    Drawing of a man pointing a gun to the left. He is sighting down the barrel and has markings of circuitry on his bare arm.
    Untitled sci-fi character
  2. What’s the first science fiction film you think of?

    Drawing of the Millenium Falcon spaceship heading towards the Death Star (from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)
    That’s no moon…
  3. Let’s see a nice science fiction landscape.

    Drawing of floating cities in bubbles. Black pen on white paper.
    Turbine Towers
  4. Robots have no feelings right? Draw your favourite robot.

    Drawing of Astro Boy. He is posed "still", drawn front on and expressionless. Black pen, coloured pencils on white paper.
    Brave and gentle and wise
  5. Take a retro science fiction film poster and re-imagine it.

    Sketch of the movie poster for Metropolis. A golden figure stands in front of a cityscape. The words 'METROPOLIS' are written above it. Black pen, gold pencil on white paper.
  6. Books are rectangular things that existed before ipads, what’s your favourite?

    Scene from The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where the Heart of Gold spaceship (shaped like a running shoe) causes a bowl of petunias and a sperm whale to materialise above planet Magrathea. Black pen and coloured pencils on white paper.
    Who flies a shoe?
  7. Less sci-fi sausage, draw a female sci-fi character

    Sketch of Lilith, the Siren from Borderlands. Black pen and wtaercolour pencils on white paper.
  8. Sci-fi sausage, draw a male sci-fi character

    Gatchaman in his bird costume (Mark in 'Battle of the Planets' in Western TV in the 70s/80s). Watercolour pencils on white paper.
  9. It’s life Jim but not as we know it, draw your favourite alien.

    Ch'rell: an Utrom from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 TV series. Black pen on white paper.
  10. Man, I wish I could go back and watch it for the first time again, your favourite sci-fi television.

    Sketch of the spaceship 'Serenity' from Firefly TV series. Black pen on white paper.
  11. Settle it drawing style: best Star Trek (film or series)

    Crankshaw getting slapped on the face by Captain Ryan in Space Heroes (a Star Trek parody in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
    “Thank you, Captain”
  12. Draw a Jedi or an Imperial, I don’t care which.

    Ahsoka Tano (aka ‘Snips’), crouching with 2 light sabres. Black pen and watercolour pencil on white paper.
  13. A time machine (no not a watch, you know what I mean)

    Homer invents a time machine while repairing his toaster. Black pen on white paper.
    Time for a test toast
  14. Give your original character from #1 a nemesis

    Sketch of a character crouched behind a broken brick wall. His robot looks to the left. Black pen on white paper.
    Untitled nemesis
  15. Travelling the galaxy in awesomeness, draw the coolest spaceship

    Space Battleship Yamato, a blue and red World War II battleship that flies through space with a large cannon in the bow. Black pen and coloured pencils on white paper.
    Space Battleship Yamato
  16. There is no light without the dark, draw your favourite villain

    Air Commander Starscream: posed hands on hips. Black pen and crayon on white paper.
    Air Commander Starscream
  17. “Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria” draw an animal from science fiction.

    Blue space mouse holding a futuristic key (from Voltron). Black pen and colour pencils on white paper.
    Space Mice stole the key!
  18. Favourite weapon… nuff said really.

    Chell from portal with the Aperture Science handheld portal device (portal gun). Pencil on white paper.
    Handheld portal device
  19. Favourite weapon… nuff said really.

    Space marine from Doom posed with the BFG 9000. Black, green and blue pens with green and yellow highlighter on white paper.
    BFG 9000
  20. Draw another television show, not your favourite, that other one you think is cool, yeah that one.

    Megatron stands tall with his sword, while a much smaller Optimus steps backwards in alarm. Black, blue and red pen on white paper.
    Transformers Animated
  21. You know that film you really wanted to draw something from but went with another, draw it now, draw it like the wind!

    Lex, Joker, Superman and Batman from Lego Batman: The Movie
    Lego Batman: The Movie
  22. How many cyborgs does it take to change a light bulb?

    Two Daleks: the left Dalek has shot down the light bulb with its laser, the right Dalek is looking at the broken bulb. There is an open box with ‘Light bulbs’ written on it next to the dalek. Neither has hands. Black sharpie on white paper.
    Two Daleks
  23. It’s mecha madness time.

    Veritech posed in Guardian mode (half fighter jet, half robot) in a scene. A space aircraft carrer (the SDF-1) floats in the background over a burning city. Pencil on paper.
    Robotech: Macross
  24. Your favourite Doctor, remember that we can’t all draw Phlox.

    Doctor Zoidberg (an alien that appears part human part shrimp wearing a Doctor's coat and brandishing claws). From Futurama. Coloured pencils on white paper.
    Doctor Zoidberg
  25. Comic books have science fiction in them you know, dip into that world and draw something.

    Zombie in the foreground is shot in the head from a distant bell tower. Another zombie shambles down the street by an abandoned car. Black pen on white paper.
    Comic book dystopia
  26. Coolest. Spacesuit. Ever.

    I'm Buzz Lightyear—Space. Ranger. Crayons on white paper/
    I'm Buzz Lightyear—Space. Ranger.
  27. In space no one can hear you scream

    Scene from Cyperpunk 2077 trailer: a woman kneels, scythes are extended from her forearms and there is some blood spatter. 6B pencil on white paper.
    Cyberspace? Personal space?
  28. So funny you question it’s science fiction.

    Dr Horrible. Blue pen on white paper.
    Dr Horrible
  29. Nostalgia is strong in this one, draw something you love from your childhood.

    Golden condor stands with its wings folded. Black sharpie, yellow and tan pencils on white paper.
    Fly, my beautiful golden condor!
  30. Freedom, yeah you draw whatever you want, just today though.

    Robot skeleton with ice cream. Black sharpie on white paper.
    Robot skeleton with ice cream
  31. Yeah I suppose when you think about it that is science fiction actually.

    A young woman hangs in the air, lines of force radiating from her towards a stone figure of Himiko, the Sun Queen. In the foreground, Lara Croft stands side on, arrow knocked on her bow, ready to fire.
    Tomb Raider (2013)