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Web developer

I have been a web developer since 1998 when I began working for Squirrel Internet building websites for local businesses in Brisbane, Australia.

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Open source contributions

I have made modest contributions to open source projects.


There is an offline Ben, he's a husband and a dad. Couldn't be prouder of my family!



Late at night when all my tasks are done I like to sneak in gaming. Escaping to another world, games bring together my love of media, interaction and good story. I have a particular fondness for huge sandbox playgrounds (Witcher 3, GTA IV, Zelda series), compelling storytelling (Telltale, Life is Strange) or good ol' fashioned fun and mayhem: Borderlands, Team Fortress, Smash Bros and Left 4 Dead. I'm not sure what category to put it in, but I can't put down Fire Emblem: Awakening either, and I love the quick fix and social nods in Streetpass on the 3DS.

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I have been a FEWD mentor (front-end web development) with Thinkful since July 2013. Working with inspiring students is amazing. Each week we catch up 1-on-1 in a video hangout to review code, answer questions and generally talk about the industry, staying inspired and turning the frustration of debugging into success!

Unofficially I have been a mentor, lead or helpful peer to my colleagues throughout my career. Even in school I was helping fellow students as a tutor.


My dream in high school was to become an animator. I started studying that at the Queensland College of Art in 1994, but was sidetracked by computers and a growing interest in programming. I completed studies in Multimedia instead.

One night in 2014 I finished chapter 2 of Telltale Game's The Walking Dead. The closing credits song (In the Pines) was brilliant, and a search for the music lead me to this discovery: an online animation school called Animation Mentor. I enrolled to learn Maya later that month and wow—what an amazing place!

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Universal design advocate

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

— Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web (source)

Great quote. I am an advocate of universal design: making products that work for everyone. Different people with different needs at different times. Utility, usability and accessibility.

As a 'web developer' I have worn many hats: including interaction designer, UI (user-interface) developer, quality assurance (WCAG, internal style) etc. I have always been passionate about good design and helping people. 'Universal design advocate' is my way of saying it's not just something I do—it's something I believe in.

Fan of gadgets

I love gadgets! At the moment I particularly like my surface pro 3 (love sketching on it!), beasty desktop PC. I've tried a few different phones, starting with the P800 in 2003. The iPhone was the device I wanted and these days my trusty Nexus 5 keeps me organised. Favourite app? Music player!

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Fan of sunshine

Love sunshine. Despite being a computer fanatic (I love the creative power a PC brings), I love fresh air and sunshine! Unfortunately lots of programming jobs are in flurouscent-lit air-conditioned rooms—ugh!!

"Sunshine" refers to all the fun things in life: laughing, playing, jumping, spinning, eating cake, cooking BBQs, walking, the smell of thunder, watching how the wind blows trees… It's life!